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Novemeber 4....

Previously, I said that I would either, a) give the site away, b)throw it out, or c)change it to an Evil Dead page. Well, turns out it will be none of those things. You see, I am an Independent Filmmaker now (in fact I'm in pre-production on my first movie now!!!), and I have started, with my pard'ner, a production company. The name I don't want to tell you, it's such a good name I don't want anyone stealing it =) And we have five or six other films planned after this (and more after that....but right now we're aiming for that five or six to begin with...). So, here's what I may do with this site: I will change it, to be the official site of my production company, to get us some recognition. But have no fear, this version of the site will be around for a long time yet...OR I may just keep this site around and make it the best I can, and do my company's web page somewhere else...I'll probably do the latter...

D. Walt is back!!!! And with a vengence! I missed being part of the DAWN website community. That was really fun, so I decided to move back into town. Now I am on a different server, with a whole different service.

Anyway, this humble page is dedicated to the best movie ever made: Dawn of the Dead, and its director, George A. Romero. I will have factual information on the movie, as well as "fun stuff" and personal views on the movie. Also, there will be information on Mr. Romero and his career, and all those neat people who worked on the film (i.e. Tom Savini, Taso Stavrakis, Mike Gornick, the like....). I hope you all enjoy my page which will be under heavy construction for a while, as I will be setting up pictures and subdirectory pages. In any case, enjoy!

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News and Information

Well, its great to be back on the scene. The reason the other Dead Central failed (you can still reach it though) was because I could not access the Angelfire server because of my crappy AOL browser. In the meantime, I will be having pics soon. DEAD CENTRAL IS BACK!!!!

NEWS FLASH: Reviews FINALLY complete, a "behind the scenes page" hopefully coming soon.... ______________________________________________________________________ DEAD 4/RESIDENT EVIL NEWS ______________________________________________________________________

Dead Central will always keep you updated on the latest developments in the upcoming George Romero project, "Resident Evil," as well as his upcoming DEAD4. I am always watching out for news and know the right places to look. Stay Tuned.

November 4, 1998

George Romero has completed the script for RESIDENT EVIL. He says it stays mostly true to the game, maintaining the story, and dark, creepy tones. A major change is that Chris Redfield is not a STARS member, rather, a local Racoon City resident. He falls in love with Jill, who in the script is an undercover STARS member, and when she and her other STARS pals go into the mansion, Chris, on account of falling in love with her, follows her in, and then the FUN begins (no, NOT sex, the, uh...horror...get your minds out of the gutter!).

Also, DEAD4 still looks like its gonna happen. I haven't really heard any real conflicting things that mean the end of it...but beware, Romero has planned many, MANY a project that fell through...let's HOPE it aint DEAD4....but don't hold your breath, it won't be in this CENTURY.

Homepage of the Dead reports rumours of "future releases" of Dawn of the Dead, and a possible, quote "Renegade Argento Version." Go figure. The news bit I read was somewhat vague....

August 14, 1998

NEW NEWS: George Romero, HAS yet again confimred, that he WILL be writing/directing Resident Evil! And, on top of that, he has also confirmed that he will be doing DEAD 4, and stated the he opened up negotiations with Richard P. Rubenstein about the fourth dead flick. And even more news, Romero said somewhere that he will not use the "Of the Dead" in the title of DEAD4. but will instead use something more creative so it won't get too silly.

First News "Flash," Late July:

Great news for the "Dead" Community: At the Vegas VSDA show, George Romero announced that he would be writing AND directing RESIDENT EVIL (so, expect a late '99 release)...and after that, he begins to plan work on.....DEAD 4!!! Folks, that's what he said....some people don't buy it...but if that interviewer was putting words in Romero's mouth (which wouldn't happen, that was some pretty proffesional stuff up there), then Romero could sue his ass, it IS legit, says I. Personaly, I hope Romero calls it "Dusk of the Dead" and not "Twilight..." DUSK has a better ring to it =) ______________________________________________________________________

DEAD CENTRAL NEWS ______________________________________________________________________

DEAD CENTRAL: UNDER HEAVY CONSTRUCTION - be patient....besides, you won't have to wait long, I get this stuff done pretty dang fast.

NEW STUFF---------

Coming Soon:

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Tom Savini and Taso Stavrakis: The "Dudes"

George A. Romero dedication page

"The Wonder Years" personal views on Dawn

Dead Trilogy Reviews COMPLETE...NOW, I SWEAR!

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AND MORE ON THE WAY!!!! ______________________________________________________________________

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